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Linda Carroll

Marriage Counelor and Family Therapist, Author

Christie is a wise and compassionate coach who has a brilliant instinct for finding the one phrase or word which goes right to the heart of the issue. I have been a psychotherapist for 35 years and am new to the coaching world; any doubts I had about its capacity to shed deep light on stuck places and to offer a clear pathway forward was put to rest in just one session with Christie.

Kate M.

Consultant, Coach, Musician

Christie has been amazingly helpful to me over the past year that I've been working with her. She's helped me sort through challenges in everything from career to creativity to friendship and love. She is compassionate, skilled, and intuitive. My sessions with her have yielded powerful insights that were the start of deep, lasting, positive change. Simply put, my life is a lot better thanks to Christie's coaching.

Navin Bhopal


My fiancée and I were in the midst of planning a wedding and started to buckle under all the pressure of trying to meet everyone’s expectations, including those of our respective families, each other’s, as well as our own. Our communication with one another started breaking down and we were no longer seeing eye to eye. Christie helped us rebuild a dialogue. She created a very safe and comfortable environment that enabled us to open up without fear of judgement or criticism. She asked probing questions that got to the root of our conflict and finally share with one another what was plaguing our minds. It was a short, simple session, however it set my fiancée and I back on track so we could be united as a team for planning our marriage. We are so grateful and appreciative of Christie Masters.

Puja Goswami


Christie helped my fiance and I during the stressful period of wedding planning by asking direct questions that helped us understand, individually and as a couple, what was truly important. Since then, we have grown as a couple to express our needs and be honest with one another. It was a pivotal point in our relationship, and we are grateful for her expertise, compassion and time.

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