September 3, 2017

Nature is amazing and full of symbolism if we’re willing to recognize it. 

The other afternoon I was caring for the flowers and plants in my backyard and was shocked to see a camouflaged snake chilling out in my garden about one foot away from my bare ankles. Admittedly, I was a little freaked out & paralyzed with fear as I thought of my next move. 

“Um, snakes, lizards, and reptiles are supposed to be seen in the zoo, in a cage, or on hikes, not in my backyard.” 

This was one of the clear thoughts that came to mind, followed by “I’ve gotta take a picture because this is unbelievable.” 

Fortunately, my phone is now a permanent appendage somewhere on my body and was readily available to snap a picture of this critter. I shared the picture with family and received texts of amazement, as well as one of a GIF with Indiana Jones surrounded by snakes. I appreciated the shared surprise, the humor, and the acknowledgment of my right to be afraid. 

It’s likely a harmless garden snake, but I have nev...

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