August 24, 2017

Can you imagine working your whole life to reach a goal & have society tell you it isn't enough for you to be accepted and celebrated, that there's more you need to accomplish in order to be fully accepted as enough?

A friend recently shared a video of a man at a conference communicating to a room full of men and women advice his father provided him as a rule regarding women. The message was that “there’s something wrong”  with a woman over the age of 32 who has never been married and does not have children. The speaker added that every time he’s applied this rule, “it’s been accurate”. There was a strong reaction from others at the conference with one women explaining to this man that the described woman was making life decisions to support herself and her future family. In short, the described woman is a boss. 

Even with that powerful response, what do you do with this man’s generality if you are the 32 year old woman who is not married and does not have children? How is it possib...

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March 31, 2018

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