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My Story

When I was little, I loved to visit my grandparents who lived down the street from me. Their home was a place where I received unconditional love and could explore my thoughts and creativity. My grandma would actively listen to me and offer me encouragement and questions to help me clarify a situation. I find coaching to be similar to this experience from my youth. Coaching provides a safe space of support, care, and encouragement as the client explores his or her inner truth. 


Coaching became a natural extension of my work on preventing physician burnout and using tools and powerful questioning to help professionals thrive. My work on wellness has led to invitations to speak and present on the topic at both local and national levels, including the Society of Hospital Medicine, the International Conference of Physician Health, and the American Conference of Physician Health. After realizing my work fell into the realm of coaching, I underwent training formal training and became a board certified coach and founded Masters Wellness Coaching. 


My experience as a physician has allowed me to see the value and vulnerability we all share in life. As a human, I’ve experienced this vulnerability and value, including but not limited to, love, loss, the death of loved ones, mistakes, and triumphs. Life is precious and finite. Fortunately, we live in an age where we can pursue our dreams. This pursuit is amazing and exciting, especially for high achievers! It can also be confusing and scary, which is why coaching is incredibly valuable. For all these reasons, I decided to create a brave space for clients to explore their thoughts, creativity, and inner truth.


Doing so is in my DNA. 


Contact me to schedule a complimentary session and experience the coaching process for yourself. 

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